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Summer time! :D
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Copyright Statement 2 by SophibelleCopyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

Warning: This arts contains vore, bloating, inflations,
pregnancy, and other fetish. If you don't like it, then please get out of my page. :3



The Spelietio galaxy (Alternate)
Dark Flumbinia galaxy (Dark side of Spelietio galaxy. Above Spelietio galaxy)
Trahntkz galaxy (Crimsional empire's alternate galaxy)
Climganic galaxy (Doomiipop's homeland. Also another dark side of Spelietio galaxy, but much smarter and evil then Dark Flumbinia)


Tagitoni (Hotest planet)
Untilico (Home of the Glordy race. Extremely high populations of the planet. Biggest.)
Yahkazea-B (Alternate planet)
Kubatona (Coldist planet)
Obgapolic (Home of the slimes)
Daxagotic (Home of the slaves. There's different kind of slaves. Extremely high population)
Polical (Home of the dark sides. aka, the underworld)


Name: Pregnant Virus
Type: Air
Risk: Dangerious.
Spread speed: Very fast
Infection: Bump on, sneezed on, touched, or rubbed on will infect any womens.
Gender effects: Females only
Effects starts: Pregnant slow speed. Takes 3 days to go into labor. Sickness. Dizziness. Weak
bladder/boul. Extreme stomach ache. Fever. Possession.
Will wear off: During painful and bloody labor. No cure.
The character status is on progress.
Copyright Statement 2 by SophibelleCopyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle


Skinny peeps: More peoples!
Leader Rosemary by Lazy-Sheepinkie
More peoples!
Rosemary is the only one who is skinny. I might post more of them who is skinny.

Violet RP by Lazy-Sheepinkie 
Violet is skinny, but a little fat to it. It doesn't matter anyways. :3  
Skinny peeps: One person
.:Friend Frandom Gift:. On your knees! by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Rising star! .:Asahi Seishin:. by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Happy Easter Yall! by Lazy-Sheepinkie
I am trying my best to make the person skinny. 
Chubby commission: More people
.:Fatty Pixelated:. Sheepinkie and Creepinkie by Lazy-Sheepinkie
So expensive, i know. x.x Now with more people!
Chubby commission: One person
.:Fatty Pixelated:. Chubby Machinery! by Lazy-Sheepinkie
.:Pixlated vore and fatty:. Okashi ate Sheepinkie by Lazy-Sheepinkie
.:Fatty Pixelated:. A devil which is chubby by Lazy-Sheepinkie
.:Fatty Pixelated:.  Daisy will have revenge soon! by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Shining Starlight by Lazy-Sheepinkie
My 13th evolution. Somehow i slowed down a bit. But no worries, i'll get back up.
Wide hips commission: More people
Solar energy Vs Fire type .:Aaliyah fight:. by Lazy-Sheepinkie
More wide hips characters! Max out of 5 people depends how busy i am.
Wide hips commission: One person
wow booky by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Ekitai again! by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Shinmitsu The Shiba Inu by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Aaliyah is back again. D: by Lazy-Sheepinkie
My 13th evolution of drawing. Somehow seams unchanged, and stuck to 13 evolution.


Lazy-Sheepinkie's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Copyright Statement 2 by SophibelleCopyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle


This person's art has way too many fetishes. Even bunch of panty shotting.
If you disgusted of this artist's artwork, its not one of her responsibilities.
And please move on to the next artist who is actually greater then her.




Shinmitsu The Shiba Inu by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Name: Shinmitsu Amaterasu?
Gender: Female
Age: Over 100,000 years
Species: Shiba inu spirit (Dog species)
Element type: Physic/Fighting
Element secondary: Panic - If in serious danger, her attack and defense will raise up to 40%
Elemental weakness: Dark
Jobs: To defend the planet from any harm. Without her, the planet would be a goner.
Relationship status: Single
Corruption status: -300%

.:Thanks Friend!:. Mararu The Spinning Gummy Pop by Lazy-SheepinkieMararu still back. Again! by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Name: Mararu (Spin)
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Species: Candy and a gummy bear hybrid (Candyling/Gummypopling)
Element type: Rock/Flying
Elemental secondary: Hit me, Spin you! - Getting hit by a person may caused him/her to be paralyzed, dizzy, or confused.
Elemental Weakness: Electric, Ice, Water
Jobs: Going out to an adventure, Defending planet from harm or others.
Relationship status: In love with Musha due to the minor amount of corruption.
Corruption status: 40%
.:Thanks Friend!:. Musha the gingerbread warrior by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Name: Musha (Warrior)
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Species: Candyling (Gingerbreadling)
Element type: Electric/Rock
Elemental Secondary: Warrior's Spirit - If in danger, she'll raised her Attack and Speed sharply, but defense will go down
Elemental Weakness: Grass, Water
Job: To stick around with Muraru
Relationship status: In love with Muraru due to the massive amount of corruption. Everyone might think about her being a demon.
Corruption status: 200%
Happy Easter Yall! by Lazy-Sheepinkie Posted in Easter.
Name: Yvette (Yvertal?)
Age: 590 (In visiting Overworld: 46)
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Element type: Dark/Flying
Elemental perk: Purple aura - To prevent from any magic that's happening to he body.
Elemental weakness: Hidden or unknown.
Job: To protect her friends from danger. (Protagonist)
Underworld job: To kill any one who cross her path (Antagonist)
Relationship status: Single
Corruption status: 200% (Of course, she is a vampire)
Sheepinkie yet again. :P by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Name: Lionpinkie
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Lion sheep hybrid
Element type: Rock/Ground
Relationship status: Single
Elemental weakness: Water (Elemental), Ice (Elemental).
Job: None
Corruption status: 10%
Okashi's new look by Lazy-Sheepinkie Normal
Okashi fighting style. by Lazy-Sheepinkie Fighting style
Name: Okashi
Age: 1 (In creation year)
Gender: Female
Species: Lion sheep hybrid
Element type: Normal (Dessert powers)/Fight
Relationships: Single
Elemental weakness: Physic
Job: To stay with Master Sheepinkie
Corruption status: 20%
Sakaeru, guardian of the forest by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Name: Sakaeru
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Unknown, but it is a glordy.
Element type: Grass, Bug
Elemental weakness: Ice, Fire
Relationship status: Single
Job: To guard the forest and or the world's largest flower.
Corruption status: 30%


Troll species: Giant Chieften. by Lazy-Sheepinkie
Name: Xena
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Troll
Tribe color: Green, purple.
Element type: Dark, Fighting, Physic.
Elemental secondary: Stealing element - Will steal the person's element if close.
Elemental perk: Glare - Her gazing eye will make the person frightening. If the person is brave, then it'll have no effect.
Relationship status: Single.
Jobs: To destroy anyone who crosses their path. Defend their own Tribe/Planet/Galaxy. Capture more planets to grow.
Corruption status: Maxed

Requests info -

Take your time, sometime i can be busy.
I can challenge myself with intense details!
I will do vore, and other fetishes requests
I can do human Commissions/Request. ^ ^
I can do Chibi requests~<3
I can do Pixel art! >w<
I sometimes can do fursonas or furries.
I cannot draw sonic art yet. Nope, not anymore. :c
I cannot draw ponies. Well, someone give me a tip of how to draw ponies. :c

Request is for friends only!


Roleplaying rules:


Inflation/Bloating/Expansion RP is acceptable.
Bike pump, and others that contains inflation is acceptable.
Slime inflation is private.
Popping is acceptable. (Rules: After they pop, they will return to their houses.)
I don't like when someone's belly is bigger then the planet/galaxy/universe. That person will explode before reaching the planet.

Pregnancy (Part of expansion)

Pregnancy belly maximum size is a beach ball. Try not to over-limit your character.
You can make the pregnancy goes fast, but not too fast.
Just throw up in the bucket, bag, or trash if your character feels sick.
Unacceptable when someone's belly is bigger then the planet (Same ways as inflation rules.)


Vore RP is acceptable.
Sexual, or others are in private
Hard vore is unacceptable.
Digestions is manual. (Tip: The user can control the digestive system)
Soft vore is acceptable.
Slime vore/absorb is acceptable.
Don't teleport out of the belly/grapple. Which makes me angry.
During unwilling, Princess Blaze is evil.
Don't die inside of the prey's belly. I swear if somebody does that, i am going to cancel the RP.


I don't want you or your character to be immune to anything.
Sexual or others are in notes.
Try not to skip cutscenes.
It doesn't matter if you're playing as a girl or a boy or anything, just have fun! ^ ^



Requests: Friends only! I don't trust strangers!
Trades: Is open for all!
Collabs: I hated it. >:c
Commissions/Point Commissions: Always open!
Gifts: Open for the rest of my life! Plus, gifts are always makes me happy. ^ ^
Kiribans: :iconnopeaviplz:

Copyright Statement 2 by SophibelleCopyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle
This person is crazy!
So, i've heard that my friend Polishneko123 was noted by a hater.
The person said that her art sucks and all.
Here's what it looked like:Guys by Polishneko123

Everyone can draw whatever they like to draw. You can't just control people by making bad and horrible comments.
Even if your art is bad, everyone agrees on your art. Nobody is going to left you alone in the corner.
However, they're a few popular artist who have very very low details with bunch of dark and hatred people. That's why they needed help.
They needed help by defending the innocent, the innocent as in the low detailed artist who want to improve further like the rest of us. The hated people will move on to their own, because they want more and more detailed pictures. But it doesn't matter anyways.
Critiques is fine, its just that you don't go too far with it. Even if you gone too far, you'll hurt your friend's feelings or the person's feelings. ((Insensitive little jerk...))

Overall, this person is a sick minded to threading one of my friend's art. And what does the person deserves? Le ban hammer! One thing. If you see the deactivated window saying that the person is deactivated, who knows is the person is deactivated, or banned.


Any plans of what should i draw?
I am very active to draw something. But i can't just think of a character to draw.
So, can you help me?
Instead of ignoring me? >:C

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